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“Comparison is the thief of joy”  This little quote was posted on Facebook the other day and it struck me deeply.  It is so simple and so true.

Why is comparison the thief of joy? Because, it robs me of the ability to be content with who I am and the life that I have been given.  

I have been in a season of discontent lately and I have to ask myself, is it because I am comparing myself to others? The circumstances of life have stolen the fulfillment of certain dreams and desires and I find myself frustrated when I see other people receiving the blessings that I have prayed and worked for.  At that point, the temptation to compare is very strong. “I deserve that more than them because…” or ” I guess they deserve that more than me because…”  It’s ugly.

I know that there is more than one reason for the discontent that I am feeling, but comparing only makes it worse.  I am so thankful for an awesome husband, a healthy happy child, a thriving church and an extended family that truly loves each other. I would not trade any of those things for anything else.

Our pastor recently did a series on comparison, in which he pointed out that “everybody has pain.”  That is so true! I am now challenging myself to simply “rejoice with those who rejoice and to mourn w/ those who mourn” and to let that be that!

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  1. I was just teaching on the 10th Commandment in class the other day. God commands us not to “covet” what other people have.

    God seems pretty smart at times!

    We were even trying to define the word “poor” and it was a difficult word to define because most definitions involved a comparison!

    Then again, I can relate to the kind of discontent that just means you long for more of God’s Destiny for your life. Nothing wrong with that.


  2. So… Move out here where we are and we’ll have exciting community! 🙂

    There are some things I like about YWAM community, but others that I don’t miss at all. (Like the common presumption that your schedule belongs to “them” or “us”).

    Freedom is very nice.

    Wouldn’t it be fun to start a Christian Community where everyone owned their own stuff and were united voluntarily for the sake of Christ?

    Ok… I think I’m off topic.

    Ruined for the ordinary has it’s benefits, but ability to be Christian in the ordinary is an essential life skill.


    • Sorry, this is posted in the wrong place. I posted it in the right place.

      Feel free to delete the misposted one and this.



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